Token Distribution

Token Utility
Both Tokens have indentical distribution structures. All pre-sale investors will recieve equal amounts of Lynx and Workcoin.
Circulating Supply
300 Million
Total Supply
500 Million
Token Symbol
130 Million Tokens
100 Million Tokens
50 Million Tokens
10 Million Tokens
Equity Investors
50 Million Tokens
160 Million Tokens

ICO Roadmap

The ICO will start Sep 1, 2018 and will end Nov 3, 2018.

Meet the Team

Fred Krueger

Founder, CEO

Stanford PhD. Founded and sold 9 companies including MMX, Adconion and iWin.

Jenny Seegers

Head of Web

Intelligence services background. Responsible for leading web team.

Cindy Sun

Full-Stack Web Developer

Ex Tesla. Responsible for ETH and EOS smart contract development.

Kory Larson

Chief Design Officer

UX Specialist. Designed the core interface for TroopWork web and mobile.

Joey Harward

Head Android Developer

NC State Comp Sci. Specialist in all things Android.

Ira Herman

Director of Product

Ex Microsoft. Software engineer/entrepreneur/speaker. Blockchain, API's, e-commerce.

Jacob Davis

Chief Technology Officer

iOS Swift Expert. Background in consumer-facing apps and mobile games.

Tomas Bulva

Full-Stack Web Developer

NodeJS and Firebase Polyglot. Responsible for back-end services and API development.

Grayson Gladstone

Head of QA

Leads the Quality Assurance effort. Manages customer support and social media.

Advisory Board

Miko Matsumura


Head of the ICO Governance foundation and a leading voice on crypto currencies.

Michael Terpin

Transform PR

Founder of Coin Agenda and is one of the earliest crypto-currency supporters.

Mark Jeffrey


Serial entrepreneur of innovative technology companies backed by Tier One investors.

Nick Soman


Seasoned entrepreneur. Foundation Capital EIR. Creator of Decent and Reveal.

Peter Diamandis


Founder and Executive Chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation.

Jeremy Tunnell


Investor at Myself. Co-founder and CTO of Thumbtack.

Seth Shapiro


Expert on the future of communications and technology.

Justin Wu

Blockchain NW

Cofounder of BlockchainNW, Seattle’s First Blockchain Conference.

Mike Jones


Leader of the most successful LA incubator and is the founder of the Science Token.

Crystal Rose

Sense Token

Founder of Sensay and the Sense Token.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Lynx / WorkCoin ICO?

The Lynx / WorkCoin sale is open to accredited US citizens and non-US citizens.

How do I participate?

To participate, go to and submit your information. You will be asked to submit proof of identity and can participate with ETH or BTC.

What do you accept as payment?

We accept ETH and BTC as payment through the coincart portal at
What is Needly and how does it relate to EOS Lynx / Workcoin?
Needly, Inc is the first developer of the EOS Lynx wallet and the WorkCoin marketplace platform. It is under contract with WorkToken Limited BVI, the Token Issuer.

Are the Tokens for the Team Locked or Vested?

The team tokens vest over 4 years, 20% per year, with 20% vested on conclusion of the ICO.

Will unsold tokens be burned?

No, unsold tokens will go back to the reserve for future issuance.